Authored by Erica Amy

The rules of sudoku

Sudoku has simple and common rules from which each of its variations cannot escape.

Although there are different types of sudoku, the rules are the main feature that distinguishes this wonderful game from the different puzzles that have developed over the years.

In this article I will explain step by step how to play web sudoku, one of the most famous puzzles in the world and once finished you will not only know all the rules to respect but you will also have the tools and some advice to solve the most complex sudoku puzzles.

The three rules checked in green for the number 7

The classic sudoku is the one composed of 9 square blocks surrounded by bold or a 3 × 3 sudoku.

The goal of the game is to complete all the cells in the picture by respecting the sudoku rules in the shortest possible time.

The sudoku rules to be respected are:

  • a number cannot be repeated;
  • in the same line of the whole picture;
  • in the same column of the whole picture;
  • in the same square block.

Sudoku rules in detail

As we have mentioned the rules are simple but for those who start the game they can seem complex and certainly all those numbers do not help!

In one line of the Sudoku puzzle, a number cannot be repeated

By line we mean all the space highlighted in the image, or from one side of the entire panel to the other regardless of the current blocks.

In the 9-block online sudoku puzzle, a line will always cross 3 blocks and will consist of 9 different numbers.

This first rule will be useful to understand how to quickly complete a Sudoku puzzle.

If this is clear to you, the next sudoku rules will be a piece of cake!

In a column, a number cannot repeat itself

Like the first rule, a number cannot be found twice in the same column.

By column we mean the highlighted area that goes from one side of the panel to the other vertically.

Also this rule together with the third one will be of great help in understanding how to solve the game.

Keep in mind that if you are not absolutely sure it is better not to place the number but to wait to find others.

A number cannot repeat itself within the same block

As we said earlier, a block is the square section of the game made up of nine digits that spans three rows and three columns.

According to this rule, a number cannot be repeated in each of the 9 blocks of the picture.

By combining these three rules we will have the fulcrum of the method for playing sudoku and all the tools necessary to solve it.

Have you noticed that all the images have the same graphics?

You are seeing Sudoku Creative in its simplest form, finish the article to find out what is special about it!

How to solve a Sudoku puzzle

To understand how to solve a Sudoku puzzles we must first fully understand the Sudoku rules but at this point they should be very clear to you.

There are various more or less effective techniques for solving a sudoku puzzle but simply by applying the first three rules with a little logic we will be able to win the simplest ones without problems.

Solve a Sudoku puzzle one number at a time

One of the most popular methods is to start by looking at the most popular number in the picture.

For example, if in your painting the number 7 is repeated more times than the others, you begin to see in which block the number 7 is missing.

Found a block with the missing number you are already well advanced, you have complied with the third rule without doing anything!

Now look at the three rows and three columns of the picture in question and, respecting the first two rules of the game, start excluding the cells in which the number cannot be found.

Do you remember?

If the number 7 is in a different block but on the same line as the block in question, the number cannot be entered in those cells.

Consequently, with a bit of luck, going to the exclusion we will have the certain confirmation of the position of number 7.

Obviously it is not so simple and immediate for all numbers; on many occasions the numbers expressed in the picture could be too few to have the certain position of a number.

On the contrary, even if the number examined is very widespread, it could happen that there are not enough cells occupied to determine an exact position.

In this case, the only solution available will be to consider a different block or a different number.

Be careful, as soon as you find a number with this method it will be easier to find the same number in a different block and at the same time it may be easier to find another number in the frame.

This means that if you can't determine with absolute certainty a number now maybe after three or four numbers it might be possible.

Sudoku without numbers

If all these numbers have confused you it means that Sudoku Creative is just the thing for you.

If you have fully mastered the three main rules of Sudoku you will have understood that mathematics has nothing to do with the game, numbers are superfluous.

Sudoku is a game of logic, there is nothing to count or calculate. So why use numbers when we can use cute little dogs?

Yes, I'm not kidding.

In the Sudoku Creative app you can find over 15 different themes to play with and numbers are just one of them.

You'll find color sudokus, Egyptian sudokus or pirate-themed sudokus… even a Pokémon sudoku!

The last piece of advice we give you is to see numbers only as objects that occupy a cell that cannot be repeated according to the sudoku rules just read.

You just have to have fun and let us know if these tips have been useful to you.

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